The TractoR (Tractography with R) project includes R packages for reading, writing and visualising magnetic resonance images stored in Analyze, NIfTI, MRtrix and DICOM file formats. It also contains functions specifically designed for working with diffusion MRI and tractography, including a standard implementation of the neighbourhood tractography approach to white matter tract segmentation, and graph analysis of structural and functional image data. A shell script is also provided to run experiments with TractoR without interacting with R. Using TractoR you can easily

If you use TractoR in your work, please cite the reference below. For details of research papers underlying the methods implemented in the package, please see the references page. If you would like to hear about new releases and other TractoR-related news, we would suggest following TractoR on Twitter or Mastodon, where you can also ask quick questions. Problems or bugs may be reported using the GitHub issue tracker. Please describe any problem as fully as possible.

TractoR is developed primarily by Jon Clayden and colleagues at University College London, with contributions and collaborations from other groups.

Please note that TractoR is research software and has not been approved for clinical use. The software is provided in the hope that it will be useful, but comes with no warranty whatsoever.

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J.D. Clayden, S. Muñoz Maniega, A.J. Storkey, M.D. King, M.E. Bastin & C.A. Clark (2011). TractoR: Magnetic resonance imaging and tractography with R. Journal of Statistical Software 44(8):1–18.

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